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Fondant Cake Surgery


IMG_9797The mother of a 2 year old birthday boy was forced to perform fondant cake surgery just hours before his birthday party.

The Mike The Knight fondant cake sustained multiple finger stab wounds and superficial lacerations- at the hands of the 2 year old birthday boy and his 3.5 year old brother. The older brother was sentenced to three minutes timeout and the birthday boy walked away with a warning and a good behaviour bond.


After a successful surgery, the patient rested in an undisclosed and very high location (Top of the fridge). Meanwhile, in another part of the house, the parents’ bed suffered a near drowning experience at the hands of the birthday boy, who was arrested at the scene in possession of an empty water bottle. The bed linen recovered in the dryer.

Later in the morning, the birthday boy was, once again, apprehended- this time with a rolling pin, covered in a suspicious white powdery substance. Subsequent testing revealed the substance to be cornstarch. The birthday boy alleged, in gibberish, he was attempting to roll flat the flat screen TV. Thankfully the TV suffered no damage to the screen and only superficial damage to the speakers.

Aressting officers were off duty parents who should’ve been prepping for a Mike the Knight birthday party!




The party was a great success! However, the birthday boy was so exhausted from all of the excitement, he didn’t make it to lunch time, and fell asleep in his mother’s arms. Later, at cake time, “Happy Birthday” was sung to him as he slept on in  his father’s arms.

The birthday boy’s older brother, who experiences impulse control issues, opened greater than 50% of the birthday presents despite three timeout incarcerations, redirection, and increased security patrols to secure birthday present zone.

Overall, it was a enjoyable day… except for the cake surgery (the mother has a greater admiration and respect for cake decorators. She stopped counting after four hours of decorating… and that doesn’t include baking time!)


Lost Marbles!


Truths That Will Change The Way You View ADHD

Totally awesome post by Meg, which focuses on the strengths of those living with ADD/ADHD. Deserves a reblog. Inspiring video from http://www.theartofadd.com

Get NutMegged ADHD

The Art of ADD Manifesto Video

I challenge you to not be impacted by this video.  The Art of ADD Manifesto outlines, in a short two and a half minutes, 20 – 30 truths about people with ADD / ADHD.  I say 20 – 30 truths instead of giving an exact number because it depends on how you group them…but the overall point is that the video is pretty amazing.

A Note for Fellow ADHDers

If you have ADHD, make sure you count yourself as part of the “we” as you watch the video.  The Art of ADD Manifesto puts such a positive spin on the ADD / ADHD mind that you’re gonna find it hard to walk away without feeling at least a little rejuvenated and stoked about being you.  Focus on the good, my friends.  It’s quite empowering, if I do say so myself.

A Note for Non…

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I Only Turned My Back For A Second…

Compliments of my cheeky 20-month-old and wild 3-year-old. This is just a small sample of the antics they get up to on a daily basis. I imagine any parent could relate.


One toy cow deposited in the family toilet


One toy elephant deposited in the family toilet 


One computer mouse deposited in the family toilet 


Keeping the “Mac Meter” running for Mummy. Thanks kids.


Rock star moment. 

Check out one of my favourite blogs Shit My Kids Ruined. I don’t think it is updated as frequently as it once was, but it is still worth checking out for a bit of a giggle.